To a world where everyone belongs

A day created to celebrate differences! 


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Why is Inclusion important? 

Inclusion gives us the opportunity to create a more kind, accepting, respectful, and unified world. Small acts of kindness and inclusivity can make a BIG impact on the world and those around us. 

we are one

More alike than different

Ways To Show Inclusion!

-Start a conversation to create deeper understanding and connection! 

-Introduce yourself and meet a neighbor! 

-Support businesses that are owned by a minority or diverse group! 

-Consider who is typically underrepresented (voices, media, photos, etc)- cultures, backgrounds, abilities, religions and diverse perspectives 

-Stand up for someone who cannot advocate for themselves 

-Invite someone new to lunch or to your child's birthday party!

-Talk to your kids and family members about what Inclusion means and how they can #ChooseToInclude at school, work or in every day life 

-Practice kindess

Hi I'm Taylor!

I am the Founder/CEO of The Garden Foundation, a nonprofit organization serving adults with disabilities or *different abilities* as we like to say! Allll inspired by my little sister, Lindsay! 

The Garden Foundation wanted to find a way to unite the community by celebrating a national/world holiday of Inclusion and guess what.... IT DIDN'T EXIST! 

Soooo... you know what we had to do! 

The Garden Foundation has proudly founded World Inclusion Day! World Inclusion Day will be celebrated on October 10th and we would LOVE to have YOU a part of a KINDER, MORE INCLUSIVE world! 

Inclusion is bigger than just disabilities, it's accepting and celebrating differences of cultures, backgrounds, races, sexes, religions and differences in perspectives. 

Although it is a World holi'DAY', we think Inclusion is more of a lifestyle. 

Feel free to reach out to me and share your story! I'd love to know what inclusion means to YOU. 

I can't wait to meet you!

Peace, Love and Incluson,


How To Get Involved

World Inclusion Day is going WORLD WIDE and we want to have you a part of it all!

Lead or join a team and help us by fundraising!

Make a donation!

Buy a T-Shirt!

Buy Tickets & Join us at the World Inclusion Day Fall Festival on October 14th from 5PM-8PM at Centennial Hills Park!

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 There are so many ways we can

Here's how...

Tag a friend to join in

Get your friends to join the movement and use the hashtag #CHOOSETOINCLUDE

post a picture in your t-shirt

And tell us what #Inclusion means to you!

Buy a t-shirt

Make a statement! 

Share a video on inclusion

Let us know how Inclusion has impacted you and be sure to tag us @worldinclusionday so we can share! 



"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

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